At All Times, Part 2

Psalm 34:7-10

The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and rescues them. O taste and see that the Lord is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him! O fear the Lord, you His saints; for to those who fear Him there is no want. The young lions do lack and suffer hunger; but they who seek the Lord shall not be in want of any good thing.

The Promises of God  

Last time, we looked at Psalms 34 and discussed the beauty of being mindful of our Lord throughout the day. Additionally, the expression of our soul’s awareness of God is to speak His praises out loud and throughout the day. I think we all agree, we should do it more.  

God calls us to praise Him always and, in this calling, as we’ll look at today, He promises rich rewards. What a kind Father He is. Let’s look at the wonderful promises. 


Promise # 1: Your face will shine 

When we praise the Lord at all times, the look on our faces will reflect a radiance that comes from the God we praise. Heartfelt praise will transform how You feel and how you will look. Our Psalm for today says

They looked to Him and were radiant.   

Stephan is an example of the Spirit of God radiating from one’s face in Acts 6:15, And fixing their gaze on him (Stephan), all who were sitting in the Council saw his face like the face of an angel. 

When you set your hope and praise upon the Lord, people will notice the difference in your face! They looked to Him and were radiant, and their faces will never be ashamed,” Psalms 34:5. 

Praise also fills you with unashamed confidence! And their faces will never be ashamed, Psalms 34:5.


Continual praise takes your eyes off of yourself, your fears, your insecurities and lifts you up before God where your boldness and confidence soars to new heights. And your face will show it! 


Promise #2: Care and provision of God 

The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and rescues them.

Those who humbly live and are mindful of God in fear and reverence, live their daily lives with boldness, confidence and the resolute assurance of the presence of God. The Psalm promises that His angels will encamp around us.  

We are bold because nothing happens to us outside of His care and provision. Even when it seems all is wrong in our world; the Lord is near. He may allow you to encounter hardship but do not lose heart; He promises to save us from our troubles (verse 6), and rescue us from our enemy when we look to Him as our refuge, (verse 7,8).


Promise #3: The Lord gives and gives 

Consider these words from verse 9 & 10:  for those who fear Him there is no want, and …they who seek the Lord shall not be in want of any good thing. 

God is not stingy when it comes to giving. He gives with abundance all that we need. This is the secret of the ever-elusive peace and contentment that everyone seeks.  The missing piece of the puzzle of life is the attainment of peace and contentment.

David spoke of contentment in Psalms 23:1 where he writes, I shall not [be in] want.

Know the secret: Fear God and He gives us all that we need and even more. He blesses us with contentment. 


How do I get the promises of God?  

Now, consider the prerequisite of contentment and possessing all that is good and having no want. What is the “cause and effect” of it all.

Those who FEAR Him and they who SEEK Him shall not be in want.

Okay, there it is. Fear Him and Seek Him and what will follow will be goodness. The result will be that you will have no want.  

As we close, ask yourself, what am I focused on?

Jesus said, Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you, Matthew 6:33.

May I NOT FOCUS on what I want, my needs; to have, to hold, to possess. Instead may I focus on the fear of the Lord and seeking Him always, and all these other things will be provided by God, in His perfect time.  


Lord, may your presence always be on my mind and may I speak of you often. Cause Your presence to fill my heart and pour over into the countenance of my face, to Your glory and honor. “O taste and see that the Lord is good; how blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.” Amen!