Hezekiah: A devoted man of God called to exceptional achievement and advancement of Israel!

A Nation Under God  

What’s the secret to leading a nation into rapid and significant change?

When Hezekiah took over the throne of Judah, he inherited a country that his father had run into the ground. But Hezekiah was able to do the unthinkable and the seemingly impossible.  

As a young 25-year-old king, he led and inspired a nation (Judah) to turn around after decades of decline and achieve rapid and significant change. In his first month as king, he transformed a widespread system of pagan worship by first tearing down altars and high places set up throughout the countryside. He then cleansed, repaired, and opened the door of the House of the Lord and unified the people in true worship, from the heart, of the one true God. 

Hezekiah’s work revived worship of the true God throughout the land by ushering in a spiritual renewal among the priests. As the priests go, so goes the nation. He then organized the community leaders (princes) to lead and organize their people accordingly into orderly worship and praise as well as giving gifts and tithes. In the past, the people would hoard and withhold their gifts because of their lack of trust in the former kings. Now, they were giving freely! 

Additionally, leadership systems and hierarchies were set up so that the physical and spiritual needs of all people throughout the countryside and villages were attended to and met. Under Hezekiah, the people ‘provided in abundance the first fruits of grain, new wine, oil, honey and all the produce of the field … and they brought in abundantly the tithe of all.’  They gave so much that there was an abundance. 2 Chronicles 31:5-10. 

So, there was great joy in Jerusalem because there was nothing like this in Jerusalem since the days of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel. 2 Chronicles 30:26

How did He do it? 

How, how, how did a young upstart, 25-year-old king, transform a nation suddenly (2 Chronicle 29:36) and usher in the greatest spiritual and economic revival since the affluent days of David and Solomon?  



No doubt, he watched his father, King Ahaz, stumble and fail and determined to do the opposite. Also, no doubt, his godly mother nourished him on the word of God, specifically, the books of Moses.  

Deuteronomy 28 is one of the most important passages in the five books of Moses and provided Hezekiah with a solid game plan to turn around the nation. 

Deuteronomy 28 holds within it the enduring secret for transforming a nation, a region, a community, a family and you, an individual. It was specifically given to God’s chosen people and Hezekiah lived out Deuteronomy 28 in real-time as the King of Judah. But it also contains simple but powerful eternal principles that can transform the life of any devoted followers of Christ, saved by His grace alone. 


Here it is: 

Now it shall be, if you diligently obey the Lord your God, being careful to do all His commandments which I command you today, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations of the earth. All these blessings will come upon you and overtake you if you obey the Lord your God. 

There are three key words in this verse! Hezekiah diligently obeyed the Lord and he led and organized his people to carefully do what God commanded them to do. And as promised, the blessings of God overtook Hezekiah and all the people with overwhelming and amazing effects. 

Can you imagine the blessings of God overtaking you? That would be amazing to experience. I’ve had some of that in my life but the blessings of God are His work. Our focus should be diligently and carefully obeying and following Jesus.  

As we close, may you diligently and carefully ‘sow’ obedience and by God’s grace, ‘reap’ His overflowing blessings. Amen!