Musings about forgiveness

This is Leigh with Jack Nicklaus at an Insperity event when the Legends of Golf play annually in The Woodlands, TX

Philemon, conclusion

Is there any more God-like thing we can do than forgive? I mean if we think about the amazing attributes of God, we often go to omniscient (all-knowing), omnipotent (all-powerful) omnipresent, Sovereign, unchanging and all around perfect in every way. Those are all wonders to us. They are far above us, glorious and beyond our reach. We cannot attain godliness (to be like God) in those attributes. But is it any less amazing that God forgives; completely, unconditionally, without merit, without regret, without expectations or conditions. It is astounding! Yes, it’s true that he doesn’t forgive everyone. But the reality is it would be a miracle of miracle if He forgave just one in all of history. But it goes way beyond one. It goes to the multitudes of millions that have called upon Him by faith throughout the ages. In our case as Christians, He not only forgives, but He rewards. He rewards unconditionally, without merit, without regret, without expectation or conditions. It’s amazing. But get this….unlike the unattainable, Sovereign super-powers of God’s attributes, forgiving is something we can do. And it’s something we can do that uniquely glorifies and honor God. Why, because God-like forgiveness is uncommon. We don’t see or experience much of it here on earth. I mean true, God-like forgiveness.

Lord, being forgiven is a wonderful gift you have given us. Help us to forgive as you have forgiven us. Amen!