What I’ve Learned From Amazing Women of the Bible Is Available NOW!

I’m sharing some exciting news! After months of prayer, my first book, What I’ve Learned From Amazing Women of the Bible is available on Amazon!

I never intended to write a book about women. I would’ve considered that a little odd. So, here’s what happened. In December 2015, my pastor challenged me hard to spend time with God and in His Word EVERY DAY. I was resistant. I was telling myself I couldn’t do it because of the time constraints of my schedule. He challenged me hard and asked that we mutually text each other each morning a summary of our time in the Word. I finally agreed.

I agreed and this decision changed my life. I began a process of reading the Bible daily, reflecting and praying and then writing down what I learned. I texted him my summary of my time with God 59 out of the first 60 days. Daily time with God became a habit and now I can’t not do it.


As someone in the trenches of life beside you, I would humbly suggest that to get the most out of your Bible reading, you must be just as intentional. I began a daily process, 30 to 60 minutes a day of reading God’s Word, reflecting and praying and then writing what I learned.

Reading and reflecting for my devotions, sporadic as they were, was something I had always done. But writing was new to me and writing has made all the difference in the world. I encourage you to try it.

After three plus years of this process, I discovered I had written thousands and thousands of words about what I had learned from God’s Word. I decided that I should compile some of my writings into a book. As I looked back at my writings, it dawned on me that the most compelling biblical characters were women. I had learned a lot from some of the amazing women of the Bible. There’s a lot us men can learn from women in general. And there’s a lot that all of us, male and female, can learn from these amazing women in the Bible.

But my real hope is that these devotional lessons will inspire you to read the Bible yourself more consistently. To have daily time with the Lord.