One on One With Jesus, Part 2

Luke 6:20-38

I hope that your personal relationship with Jesus is the most important part of the story of your life.  

Our relationship with Jesus is multi-faceted: 

  • It is a love relationship based upon His unconditional love 
  • It is a disciplinary relationship of admonishing and correcting 
  • It is a mentoring relationship of care, nurturing, mentoring and discipline 


I wish the story of Jesus in my life was steady and consistent. It’s not. It’s a two-party relationship; one of us is steady and consistent and one of us is not.  

Fortunately, the story of my salvation in Christ is set and secure. Why? Because He saved me, He keeps me and He will never let me go. My security in salvation is all about Him. However, the story of my daily life and walk with Jesus is a different issue? It can be volatile; it ebbs and flows, it has its ups and downs. Jesus is always there, steady and sure, but I tend to have different and varying emotions each day. Therefore, the emotions fluctuate each day as I meet daily with Jesus. 

Some days, when I meet with Jesus, I am feeling especially weak. On those days, we have a one-on-one of affectionate love, hugs, and pure warmth. Sometimes, I just need that. These are times when He carries me through the storm and whispers intimate words of kindness; promises of peace with visions of joy to come.

These tender rendezvous sustain me.  

Other days, Jesus meets with me with firmness and strength. He doesn’t mess around. He lets me know exactly how He feels about my attitudes, actions, and arrogance. He first reminds me that His covenant of salvation with me is set and firm and unmoving. It is secure because it is fully dependent upon Him. I am His child. His love is unconditional. Heaven is secure. But then, He quickly reminds me that my life on earth carries with it a set of responsibilities that I am called to live up to. It is to be lived for Him and His glory — not for my own purposes of success, accomplishments, and dreams. He reminds me that I am nothing without Him and I have been called to take up my cross daily and follow Him.

These meetings keep me grounded. 


Other times, Jesus sits with me in my daily one-on-one and does a reset. He gives me a check-up, a pulse-check, a stress-test. These face-to-face encounters can be described as a power-talk of discipleship. Jesus sets His gaze upon me with a motive to care, nurture, mentor, and disciple.

These encounters give me a clear path with defined boundaries. 


Back to Luke 6. Jesus has a power-talk of mentoring with His disciples right after He announced that they are the chosen twelve. We call it the Sermon on the Mount. There were crowds nearby, but Jesus spoke these words directly to the twelve. 

Let’s consider the words Jesus spoke to the disciples in Luke 6 as the same words He would speak to us in our one-on-one with Him today.  


Jesus has found a rock to sit on and is ready to speak. I advise you to find a flat spot on the ground near His feet and listen up. Read Luke 6:20-38. 

Ok, you’re across from Jesus and reveling in His presence. This can stir up a myriad of emotions. But I’d encourage you to engage your mind today as well as your emotions. This is a Jesus-initiated power-talk. These words are challenging and your mind needs to process them in order to be prepared to live them out from the heart. 

His gaze upon you. Just like the twelve, you are a chosen disciple of His. You have received Christ as your Lord and Savior. Now it is time for some good ole’ fashion discipleship by the Savior Himself. 


Read Luke 6:20-38. We’ll dig into the meaning of it all next time.  


Father, you not only give life in salvation but you also enrich our lives here on earth. In this life, we will have difficulty. But in spite of the challenges we face, You have promised peace, joy, and sustaining grace to those who love You and obey Your Word. In all these things, we surrender ourselves to Your will and Your guidance of our lives. Amen!