One on One

Luke 6:20-38

What if Jesus were to spend 30 minutes with you tomorrow morning? What would He say?

What if … tomorrow morning, Jesus were to appear in the flesh (His new body, of course) in your home and sit down with you during your devotions. Let’s say He only has 30 minutes. 

  • First, you get to choose if you’re going to ask Him questions or if you’re going to let Him lead the conversation. I recommended closing your mouth and letting Him lead. 
  • What Story would He tell you? 
  • What principle would He teach you? 
  • What question would He ask you? 
  • What admonition might He give you? 
  • What words of love and encouragement might He give you? 


With that context, consider our text:


And turning His gaze toward His disciples, He began to say … Luke 6:20a. 


What did Jesus say to His chosen disciples? What would He say to you? 

In our text, (Luke 6) Jesus has just chosen the twelve and He is going to spend some concentrated time with them. For those of you in Christ, Jesus has chosen you as well. Jesus is with you. And Jesus has something to say to you.


During your time with Jesus, you can count on one thing for sure; He is going to look at you like you are the only person in the world. He is going to fix His gaze on you. His gaze upon you means His eyes are fixed on you, His mind is focused on you, and His heart is fused to your heart. 


  • His Eyes are fixed – on you 
  • His Mind is focused – on you 
  • His Heart is fused– to your heart 


In our text, Jesus speaks and the disciples listen. Do they have ears to hear? I mean, really hear, listen and comprehend? In this case, Jesus speaks and His words turn the traditional religious views of the world, upside down. Jesus teaches divine principles that are diametrically opposed to the views of this world.  

The disciples don’t really get it at first. But we should get it. It’s 2000 + years after the time of Christ, and we have a lot more advantages for understanding Jesus than the disciples did. May the Holy Spirit enlighten and refresh your soul with understanding — because what Jesus teaches is diametrically opposed to the ways of this world. 

This might be a good time for you to acknowledge to Jesus that you are more influenced by the way the world thinks than you ought to be. Lord, forgive me that I allow too much of this earthly mindset to influence my way of thinking. 

Jesus is speaking and teaching and explaining to His newly chosen disciples a whole new and different way to live life on earth. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if what He is explaining to them are the same words He would speak to us in our 30 minutes of one-on-one devotions with Jesus. 


He would tell you:

  • You are mine. I have chosen you. You are now different than everyone else in this world. 
  • Because You are mine and I now live inside you, you will think differently than everyone else. You are a new creation in mind, heart and will. 
  • Therefore, you will act differently than everyone else. 
  • People will wonder and be bewildered by your behavior. 


These words are for you as well. We are intrigued by the thought of personal time with Jesus in the flesh. Yes, it would be amazing. But the fact is, we aren’t missing out on anything. Through the power of the Spirit and the fullness of God’s word, we have all we need to know Jesus. His gaze is upon us. He’s ready to change our lives, our hearts, and our behavior. More on His message to us next time. 


Lord Jesus, come and speak to me and help me to listen. Help me to listen with new ears to hear, a new mind to understand, a new heart to love and a new will to obey. I hear Your kind and gentle knock on the door of my heart. Come be with me, speak to me, teach me, love me and I will, by Your grace and Your power, follow and obey You. Amen!