This is a recent pic of my mom.  As a child and throughout my youth, I have one clear and recurring image of my mom. Every morning, she would be sitting in her chair, in the living room, with a cup of coffee and her Bible. Her example has had an enduring effect on my life. Love you mom.

After some prayer and reflection, I’ve decided study through Revelation. I’m a little nervous in that I’ve never studied through Revelation devotionally. In the past, I’ve tended to approach Revelation from a theological standpoint.  My hope is that this study would strengthen my faith, draw me closer to Jesus and have my heart enriched.

Rev 1.1-3.

Verse 1, this is a Revelation or unveiling of Jesus in His glory! In the gospels, we see Jesus as a servant where He says, “I came not to be served, but to serve…” Mark 10:45. In the gospels we see Jesus’ victory as a servant. Revelation reveals Jesus’ victory in His power and glory. Seeing Him in His glory provide us a tremendous blessing. Revelation reveals His victory, power and glory in events soon to come. It was written by John, the last living Apostle after receiving this revelation from an Angel of Jesus, v1,2. Although we are blessed by reading and obeying all of scripture, Revelation contains a specific promise of blessing upon anyone who reads or hears it and heeds it. Lord, may this study strengthen my hope and faith in You, especially in these times of Geo-political turmoil and unrest. May I fix my eyes on You and Your glory!

Rev 1.4-20

This is John’s introduction of the book. He greets the seven churches that he’s writing to. These are seven actual churches but also, because “seven” represents completeness, these words apply to the church throughout the ages. John states that this writing is from Jesus Christ and John gives a glorious description of Jesus that is both descriptive as well as a doxology of praise. This section (vs 4-8) of descriptive praise begins and ends with “Him who is and was and is to come.”  The alpha and the omega. The beginning and the end. This is a description of His eternal nature. Specifically, verses 5-7 outline what He has done, His work of redemption while on the earth; what he is doing now in us, as the church, giving us direct access to the Father; and what He will do, coming in the clouds when every eye will see Him. The gospels focus on His work as a servant on earth, securing our redemption. Acts and the epistles focus on life in the era of the church (where we now live) and Revelation focuses on what is to come, Jesus in all His glory. The last book of the Bible is a perfect ending to the completed Word of God. Praise you Lord for securing my (and all those who love you) future. It’s easy to get mired in the craziness and uncertainty of our current times.  May this study strengthen my faith in you and my hope for the future. You are the Alpha and the Omega! Amen!