Tell Me Why

Grandson, Ryker

Tell Me Why? 

Suffering, Lesson 6 

So, let’s apply what we previously discussed regarding the sources of suffering. I go by the principle that coping with trials and suffering makes more sense to me when I know the purpose. I often initially scream, WHY! WHY! WHY! without really thoughtfully asking. I do more out of frustration. But when I come to my senses, I find it helpful to seek God and prayerfully reflect and ask ‘why?’.  

So, we are now into the story of Job so let’s prayerfully ask ‘why?’ What was the source of Job’s suffering? Based on the sources of suffering I outlined in an earlier post, if I were taking this as a multiple-choice test, how would I answer? How would you answer? You can choose more than one.  

  • The consequences of our own personal sin and/or the sin of those close to us. This is the culmination of bad decisions. Nope, not this one. 
  • Hatred toward God within our society and hostility toward Christians. We sometimes suffer because we are ‘guilty by association.’ No, this is not from the hatred of men toward God. Job’s pain was inflicted directly by Satan. 
  • To refine us and strengthen us. We have two choices when we encounter trials: allow them to overtake us or allow them to fortify us. James 1.2-4 Yes, I believe this one applies to Job, although it is not stated directly as the purpose of God. 
  • To humble us and subdue our sin nature. God causes/allows trials in order rid us of pride, arrogance and self-dependence. Job didn’t have a lot of pride but he had some, so at first, I thought it was a reason. But God states that Job is a blameless and upright man when Satan accused him. So, the text doesn’t state this as a reason or source of the suffering but eventually, it was an outcome. 
  • In order for God to accomplish His purposes. God sometimes allows evil and then uses it to bring about good. Yes, this applies as well. God had a purpose and plan. 
  • To be an encouragement to other Christians. A result of our suffering should be our ability to now comfort others. Yes, Job 42 should be an encouragement to us. Ultimately, this is part of the value of the book of Job for us. If we think we have it bad, consider Job. In our suffering, be reminded that Job 42 is coming. 
  • To manifest the image of Jesus. No, this isn’t the reason for Job’s suffering. This occurs when we suffering for the sake of righteous, such as Jesus did. This is when we suffer as Christians and reflect the image of Jesus. 

Is this helpful? If you are going through any trials or suffering at this time, is it helpful to prayerfully consider why? If you’d like, send me an email and let me know and also let me know how I can pray for you. 

Father, help me to be a mirror that reflects the grace of Jesus so that all can see, You are a good and gracious God. I know that trials and suffering may come but that doesn’t stop me from asking you to protect me and those I love from the schemes of Satan and the pain he wishes to impart. Protect us Lord and watch over our lives with great care and tender protection. Amen!