The Great Debate

 This pic is from our Rehearsal Dinner, August 6, 1982!

Habakkuk 1

After a brief introduction, Habakkuk gets right to the point. The introduction states this writing is an oracle; a weighty judgement, an announcement of God’s wrath against sin. This is a reality of a God that I acknowledge as true, but I don’t like to dwell on it. However, dealing with the verses before me in Habakkuk, well, it’s in my face and I can’t avoid it. Also, Habakkuk describes this oracle as something He saw. He is conveying, I suppose, a vision he had, and it was disturbing, to say the least.

The path of pain

This book is a dialogue between Habakkuk and God. I guess it could be considered a debate. Job debated with God and it didn’t go so well for him. EXCEPT that in the process of the debate with God, his eyes were opened to facets of God he hadn’t previously known. In the end for Job, it turned out good. It will probably turn out the same way for Habakkuk but the path to a deeper understanding of God may be a painful path. It was for Job and it will be for Habakkuk.

Call me a coward

Lord, I want to know you in a deeper and fuller measure, but I prefer to not learn it through pain. Been there, done that. My flesh simply doesn’t want any more pain. I’d rather know you through applying myself humbly toward your Word and prayer. Maybe I can learn from the oracle of Habakkuk without experiencing the pain that He and the Israelites went through? Call me a coward, but, I must be honest, that’s my prayer. Nevertheless, not my will but Yours. Amen!