The Morning Sunrise

Nate was teacher of the day! He sat at the teachers desk, gave a lecture on poetry and gave the students a pop spelling quiz!

2 Samuel 23

We are very close to the end of 2 Samuel and the end of David’s life. This chapter provides us his last recorded Psalm; his final literary legacy. David acknowledges that these words are divine revelation from the Spirit of God. The key statement from David is in verse 5, “For He has made an everlasting covenant with me.” He goes on to say it is ordered and secure. Even though David failed miserably as recounted in most of 2 Samuel (especially chapters 9-20), God’s covenant promises are sure, guaranteed and unfailing. This is a unilateral, unconditional covenant. David’s salvation is sure and his descendent will be the ultimate King, the Messiah, (verses 2-5). This is the reaffirmation of the Davidic Covenant.



This resonates for me as I have already passed through my youth, my young and middle adulthood and now into my elder years. I have failed often; He has never failed. I have fallen; He has always picked me up. I am a sinner; He is perfect and righteous on my behalf. I struggle to see His plan; He sees all things perfectly from beginning to end. He has made an unconditional covenant with me and its certainty is based on Him and not me. What can I do or say except receive it and say thank you, Lord!

Behold the Sunrise!

The rule of the Messiah in my life is described here by David. It “is as the light of the morning when the sun rises, a morning without clouds, when the tender grass springs out of the earth, through sunshine after rain,” (verse 4). Have you ever been to the beach or in the mountains and beheld the glory of the sunrise? Well, that describes our life under the New Covenant in Jesus. We contribute nothing to the majesty of the scene, we are simply the beholders of the miracle. The sun creates a breathtaking scene and we simply gawk in wonder. The Son creates our secure eternity in glory and we stand speechless in the lavishness of His mercy and grace. He is to us “the light of the morning when the sun rises, a morning without clouds.” Amen!