The Shallow! The Deep!

the word of God came to John… Luke 3:2 

Now the word of the Lord came to me saying, ‘Go and proclaim in the ears of Jerusalem, saying, thus says the Lord’... Jeremiah 2.1 

The word of the Lord came expressly to Ezekiel the priest… Ezekiel 1.3 

When the Lord first spoke through Hosea…Hosea 1.2 

The word of the Lord which came to Zephaniah… Zephaniah 1.1 

Last time, I wrote: 

The word of God doesn’t come to us the same way it came to the Prophets. But what we have is much better. We have the full compilation of God’s Word available to us to read, study and reflect upon. What a treasure and what a gift. 

The ‘Word of God’ comes to us when we go to the Word, dive in and allow the Word come to us. 

Fortunately, God isn’t distant and removed from us. He has spoken divine and fully inspired words that when combined, Old and New testaments, form the complete, ‘once for all’ delivered Word of God. This Word provides us with everything we need for life. 


Consider this analogy of the ocean as the word of God in your life: 

God’s Word is as simple and enjoyable as dipping your toe into a child’s wading pool. God’s word is also as deep and comprehensive as the depths of the ocean…and everything in between.  

To dip your toe into the wading pool is refreshing and it takes little effort; no preparation, no extra equipment, no problem. I recommend you dip your toe into it often; enjoy and be refreshed. 

If that’s not enough, consider the ocean. You may want to watch a documentary of the ocean. You can enjoy the cinematic view of the work of others. They paid the price to research and document the experience. You can now sit in the comfort of your home, turn on the TV and enjoy a view of the ocean via the experience of others on the screen.   

Want more? Head to the ocean, walk on the sand and jump in. This gives you a first-hand experience of the ocean. You can take vacations to the ocean and enjoy a week. Swim, body surf, snorkel, etc. Sometimes the water is calm and other times, the power of the surf can be seen and felt. You can sense the subtle power of the ocean while maintaining your safety in two feet of water. 

Want more still? Why not just move to a beach front home and take a dip into the ocean every day? (this is just an analogy so money’s not an issue :). Begin each morning soaking in the view of the sunrise painting an exquisite masterpiece over the surface of the water. Enjoy a stroll on the beach at dusk reflecting upon the beautify and majesty of God’s creation. 

The daily experience of the ocean will relieve your stress, provide perspective on the issues of life and bring healing to your body and mind. You will appreciate the warm sunny days but because you live on the beach, the changing weather patterns will not alarm you like it does the vacationers. You will embrace the experience of the ocean and witness the changing patterns of the weather. By living near the beach, you’ll enjoy the sunshine but be ready for the storms. 

Is there more? The beach is wonderful but there is a whole ocean out there. How can I go beyond the wonder of my view and experience of the ocean?   If you want to explore the expanse of the ocean, it will take some extended time. Preparation and equipment will be needed. Boats, charters, guides, diving equipment and lessons, etc. There’s a price to pay. But the rewards of exploring the vastness and wonders of ocean in real time and in person, well, it is spectacular. 

Dip your toe in the wading pool and be refreshed. Let the journey begin. See how far you can go.


Reflect: How is the ocean like the Word of God in your life? 

Lord, how grateful we are that you have spoken. Forgive us for taking Your Word lightly. We are grateful to be able to dip our toes into the refreshing passages that you have scattered throughout the Bible. But deep down, we know there is much more. We confess that the answers of life and all that we need resides within Your Word. Lead us deeper. Give us courage and perseverance. Then reward us with grace upon grace and blessings upon blessings. Amen!