The Whispers of Discontent

I Samuel 8

I’ve got voices in my head!!!

This is a well-known chapter and a sad one as well. Many years have passed between chapters 7 and 8. Samuel is now very old. Samuel’s sons are not following God and the people are worried about the future leadership of Israel. So, do they seek the Lord for guidance? No, they are back to their old ways of “doing what is right in their own eyes.” This time they look to the other nations and see that everyone else has a king so they want a king. God’s plan was always that Israel would be a Theocracy- that He would be their God and they would be His people. That they would seek Him, follow Him, listen to Him and Obey Him with the result of blessings upon blessings. Instead, they demanded of Samuel “…appoint a king for us to judge us like the other nations,” v5. Just like Adam and Eve, who were centered upon God until someone whispered discontent in their ear, so also the Israelites are listening to the whispers of discontent.

You are all I need

I’m reminded this morning; I have voices in my head just like everyone else. Sometimes it is the whispers of Satan and sometimes shouts of intense spiritual warfare from Satan. Other times it’s the voice of my own lust of the flesh, lust of my eyes and the boastful pride of life (I John 2:15). These stories of the Israelites in I Samuel are reminding me that I should seek God and His guidance daily, even hourly, even moment by moment. Strengthen me to battle the voices in my head that create want, discontent, envy, jealousy and lust. You are all I need! You are all I want! May I live in the presence of God always. May I seek your face and your wisdom in all my decisions and all my actions. Help me to listen and obey and stay within the sphere of Your blessings. Amen!