The Wonder of God’s Blessings, Part 1

Psalms 87:7 


Then those who sing as well as those who play the flutes shall say, ‘All my springs of joy are in you.’ 

God speaks to us in a metaphor as He says ‘All my springs of joy are in you.’ 


What Does it Mean? 

Let’s unpack the meaning of this metaphor that describes the wonder of God’s blessings in your life. It’s important to realize the context in order to fully understand.

This Psalm is a prophetic description of the times of blessing for the city of Jerusalem. Someday in the future, the city of Jerusalem and the Jewish people will once again be at the center of God’s blessings. 

With that context, let’s unpack this metaphor of the spring of joy within us.


First, What are the ‘springs of joy’?

In the future times of Jerusalem’s blessings, the prophets Joel and Ezekiel describe an abundant fountain that will flow from the temple in Jerusalem and richly water the surrounding areas, (Joel 3:18; Ezekiel 47:1-12). 

The prophets portray that everywhere this water flows, abundant life and blessings abound. 


Secondly, the springs of joy within us are like this fountain flowing from the temple of God in Jerusalem.

So, God’s springs of joy are a picture of His abundant blessings within us. God’s blessings don’t simply surround us, they reside within us. The springs of joy [are] in you. In Christ, we are the temple of God, I Corinthians 9:19. In Christ, we also are a picture of the temple of God that the prophets described.

The fountain of His joy is within us who have been saved.  


Thirdly, the fountain flows from the temple and waters and blesses outwardly. 

Ezekiel describes the fountain as flowing outside of the temple, first as a trickle, and then growing and expanding into a mighty river of blessing and life. Just like Jesus multiplied a small amount of fish and bread into a meal for thousands, the overflow of our blessings to others, grows into a mighty river. From the temple in Jerusalem during the times of favor, the fountain flows and richly nourishes the land.

The metaphor for us, His blessed ones, is that the fountain of blessings within us flow forth and bless others. 


Blessed to Bless Others 

To sum it up: 

  • The literal fountain in the temple of God during His times of favor is a metaphor of the springs of joy and blessings given to each of us who are saved. 
  • These blessings are not just around us, but are springs of joy [are] in you. 
  • The fountain of Jerusalem will flow forth and nourish the surrounding areas. The metaphor for us is that the springs of joy within us will flow outward and bless many. 

We often say, ‘God blesses us so that we can bless others.’ This is very true and this Psalm takes us deep into that principle. It teaches us that God gives us a fountain of blessings that abides within us. The prophets expand on this theme and teach us that the overflow of our fountain (blessings) blesses others. This is quite amazing to consider: We are both the recipients of God’s abundant blessings as well as a source of His blessings. As a source of God’s blessings, we are also dispensers of God overwhelming blessings to others as well. 


There’s much more to consider. More on the blessings of God next time. 


Father, fountains of fresh and pure water are such a wonderful metaphor of your blessings within our lives. Water purifies; water cleanses; water refreshes; water heals; water is life. Your blessings are to us the very essence of our lives. We have received much; help us to give much. We are blessed so that we may bless others. Help us every morning to soak in the wonder of Your blessings during our time with You. Then, may we go forth during our day and allow the overflow of our blessings to bless others. All for Your glory! Amen!