This Is One of my Favorite Devotions. God Is Not Restrained!

I Samuel 14:1-23

He was always coming up just a little short

As previously discussed, Saul wasn’t a wicked or immoral man, per se. But there always seemed he lacked something in most situations. The Lord was often displeased with his heart and consequently, many of his actions (and inaction’s).  In contrast, this section highlights Saul’s son, Jonathan. It reveals his acts of faith and displays his character as a Godly leader.

Jonathan to the rescue

Once again, the huge Philistine army was drawing near to Israel. Saul was frozen in indecision and the army was fearful. Many fled and hid. Jonathan saw a need and he took action. He said to his armor bearer, come and let us cross over to the Philistines garrison that is on the other side, but he did not tell his father, verse 1. So, the two of them set out on the short march to the enemy’s camp.

When they came close, overlooking the ravine, Jonathan said to his servant, come and let us cross over to the garrison of these uncircumcised; perhaps the Lord will work for us (and here is the key principle) FOR THE LORD IS NOT RESTRAINED TO SAVE BY MANY OR BY FEW, verse 6.

Personally, I would have leaned toward being rational and logical. After all, the Philistines have a huge army. As a military leader, logic would dictate that we would need a large, well trained army to battle them. If I didn’t have the resources, I would pull back and change my plans. Makes sense, right?

Maybe this is the right decision but maybe not. In the spiritual realm and in some cases in the physical realm (when we are closely seeking and following God), we must by faith realize that “He is not restrained” to work and accomplish great things by the volume of resources; whether a few or many.

As the leader goes, so goes the people

Jonathon’s armor bearer responded to Jonathan by telling him that he will follow Jonathan wherever he goes. Bold leadership inspires great faith in their followers. On the hand, under Saul’s leadership, his army was fearful and hiding.

As the two men (only two) approach the Philistines, with their hope fully placed on God, the initial security detail of about 20 men literally fall down before Jonathan. Then God caused an earthquake in the Philistine camp and the entire Philistine army become frantic and confused. Saul became aware of their confusion. As is typical of Saul, once he could “SEE” that his victory was probably, he attacked and the Lord delivered Israel that day, verse 23.

The righteous shall live by their faith. FOR THE LORD IS NOT RESTRAINED TO SAVE BY MANY OR BY FEW. Let’s prayerfully seek God daily and ask Him to give us faith to boldly do what HE is calling us to do. When God calls us, let’s not look at the earthly resources and pull back. Let’s move forward by faith.

Teach us Lord and lead us to be more like Jonathan. Amen!