Two Prayers That Shake the World

Panning for treasures!

2 Samuel 22

David’s life is coming to an end very soon. In chapters 22 & 23, David expresses a song of praise. Hebrew poetry at its best. 22:1 says “And David spoke the words of this song to the Lord in the day that the Lord delivered him from the hand of all his enemies and from the hand of Saul.” What’s interesting is that way back in 1 Samuel, the writings of Samuel begin with a prayer of Hannah (Samuel’s mom) and 2 Samuel ends with a prayer of King David. Both prayers of praise express similar content by exalting the strength and sovereignty of God especially in the way that God uses the weak, fulfills his plans and protects His chosen people. When Hannah prayed her pray, Israel was without leadership and far from God. Now at the end of 2 Samuel as David prays and praises God, Israel has leadership, a settled kingdom and Messianic seeds of the Davidic Covenant are set and certain. But between these two prayers in 1 and 2 Samual is all the drama of triumph and defeat; bloodshed and revenge; new births and new covenants; enemies and loyal comrades.

He Saves and He Protects

A lot has happened between these two prayers from two people from different generations. The turnaround of Israel and God’s working out of His plan for His people begins with the prayer of a humble woman of humble means who prayed for a son that would serve the Lord all his life. Never under estimate the fervent prayer of a godly woman. The writings of Samuel end with the prayer of Israel’s king and the promise of the Messiah is set firm. In both situations, God is the same. He saves, He protects, He blesses the humble and strikes down the proud, He makes promises and never fails to keep them. He never fails! Even when things look grim, He never ceases to be God and all that He is as God. Lord, may our trust in You grow and grow each day! Amen!