Wonderment: He Acts!

There’s a theme that runs through the book of Luke: Wonderment! Amazement! This is the third post studying the wonder and amazement surrounding Jesus in Luke. Click here to read Part 2.

We have come upon an amazing reality; a thread of wonderment runs through the book of Luke. It is three-fold: 

Jesus: The wonder of His announcement! The wonder of His Words! The wonder of His works! 

On our previous posts, we considered the wonder of the announcement of Jesus and the wonder of His spoken words. Today, let’s review the wonder of His works as described by Luke. 

After Jesus casts out a demon, the response was; And amazement came upon them all…and the report about Him was spreading into every locality in the surrounding districts, 4:31-37. Later, Jesus cast out another demon and they were all amazed at the greatness of God, 9:43. Later yet, He cast out another demon and the crowds were amazed, 11:14 

Early in His earthly ministry, Jesus came to Peter after fishing all night with no results. After teaching the small crowd, Jesus asked Peter to take the boat out and fish. Peter reluctantly obeyed. However, he had such success fishing that he and his partners filled the boats with fish. For amazement had seized him and all his companions because of the catch of fish which they had taken…they left everything and followed him. 5:1-11 

Jesus was with His new disciples in a boat and a fierce storm came upon them. The disciples feared for their lives. And He got up and rebuked the wind and the surging waves, and they stopped, and it became calm…They were fearful and amazed, saying to one another, ‘Who then is this, that He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey Him? 8:22-25 

After Jesus’ crucifixion, the disciples fell into despair. All the wonder of their hopes and dreams were shattered. They summed it up this way, But we were hoping that it was He who was going to redeem Israel. But then Sunday came and Jesus arose. Of Peter it was said, he was now marveling at what had happened, 24:12. 

In the upper room, Jesus appeared to the disciples in His post-resurrection body. But they were startled and frightened…and He said to them, ‘why are you troubled, and why do doubts arise in your hearts? See my hands and my feet, that it is I Myself…while they still could not believe it because of their joy and amazement, He said to them, ‘Have you anything to eat.’ 24:36-43 

How do we respond to all that Jesus has done and all that He is doing? 

  • Wonderment leads to Amazement
  • Amazement leads to Joy
  • Joy leads to Thanksgiving


Below is a prayer of thanksgiving from Rosemary Jensen from her book, Praying the Attributes of God: 


Thank you that you have all power. 

Thank you that nothing is too hard for You (Gen. 18:14). 

Thank you that your arm is not too short to do anything that you say you will do. I will see it all come true for me (Num. 11:23). 

Thank you that you perform more wonders and miracles than I can imagine (Job 9:10). 

Thank you that you can do all things, and no plan of yours can be thwarted (Job 42:2). 

Thank you that you made the earth, all people, and all animals on the earth, and you give it to anyone you please (Jer. 27:5). 

Thank you that you can keep me from temptation and deliver me from Satan’s power (Matt 6:13). 

Thank you that with you, all things are possible (Matt. 19:26). 

Thank you that I am in error only when I don’t know your power or your Word (Matt. 22:29). 

Thank you that someday in heaven there will be a multitude praising you for your salvation and glory and power (Rev. 19:1). 



Praying the Attributes of God: A Guide to Personal Worship Through Prayers. Rosemary Jensen; Published by Krueger Publications.