The Leaders Failure

2 Samuel 24

The last chapter of 2 Samuel is disturbing to me on a couple levels. First, just when you think David is growing older and wiser, he reveals again his selfishness and impetuous nature. It’s not just a rash, impulsive type of sin but a sin of arrogance that involves his people and stretches out for several months. Very disappointing! Why God chose him as the means of the Davidic Covenant and the heir of the Messiah, I’ll never understand.  But on the other hand, I suppose that’s the point. Why he chose me for anything is a baffling reality as well.Read more

The Morning Sunrise

Nate was teacher of the day! He sat at the teachers desk, gave a lecture on poetry and gave the students a pop spelling quiz!

2 Samuel 23

We are very close to the end of 2 Samuel and the end of David’s life. This chapter provides us his last recorded Psalm; his final literary legacy. David acknowledges that these words are divine revelation from the Spirit of God. The key statement from David is in verse 5, “For He has made an everlasting covenant with me.” He goes on to say it is ordered and secure. Even though David failed miserably as recounted in most of 2 Samuel (especially chapters 9-20), God’s covenant promises are sure, guaranteed and unfailing. This is a unilateral, unconditional covenant. David’s salvation is sure and his descendent will be the ultimate King, the Messiah, (verses 2-5). This is the reaffirmation of the Davidic Covenant.Read more

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

I Samuel 22

This chapter is a long psalm of God’s deliverance of David throughout his volatile life of battles, despair and deception. One of the emerging themes in my mind is how God takes “action” on our behalf. We recently built a new house. Something Leigh and I had never done. One day we pulled up to the house while still under construction. I was amazed at the activity. There were 8 to 10 workers plus heavy equipment scurrying around, moving dirt and prepping the landscaping. More inside doing electrical work, painting, brickwork, plumbing, etc. I remember being a little overwhelmed at the volume of energy our contractor organized for that day. And all of it on behalf of us and our new home. Actually, I felt a little guilty.Read more

You Must Read This

2 Samuel 22

David is toward the end of his life and this chapter represents his poetry of praise. In verses 1-8 he recounts the events of pain, distress and destruction that followed him for certain periods of his life. "The waves of death encompassed me; the torrents of destruction overwhelmed me; the snares of death confronted me...I cried to my God and my cry for help came into His ears."  What follows in verses 9-20 is stunning!!! Read more

Two Prayers That Shake the World

Panning for treasures!

2 Samuel 22

David's life is coming to an end very soon. In chapters 22 & 23, David expresses a song of praise. Hebrew poetry at its best. 22:1 says "And David spoke the words of this song to the Lord in the day that the Lord delivered him from the hand of all his enemies and from the hand of Saul." What's interesting is that way back in 1 Samuel, the writings of Samuel begin with a prayer of Hannah (Samuel's mom) and 2 Samuel ends with a prayer of King David.Read more

Killing Giants

2 Samuel 21:15-22

At the end of chapter 21 we come to an odd collection of mini-stories that don't really fit the context or chronology. But like I always say to myself, there must be a purpose and significance to this section or God wouldn't have included it. Read more

The God of the Bible

Winter may seem long but they help us appreciate Spring even more!

2 Samuel 20, 21

I'm kind of stuck on these chapters. I've been reading them the last couple of days but I'm not really getting any inspirational message here. Chapter 20 is more cloak and dagger intrigue with David's general Joab. Chapter 21 is more interesting but reveals a side of God that few of us want to deal with, including me. We tend to "create God in our own image". Read more

Switching Sides

 This is Sophie and Ellie Walker. The Walker family are dear friends and missionaries to those in need of Jesus on the streets of Houston.

2 Samuel 19

Absalom, David's son is dead. Killed in battle because of his rebellion against David, God's anointed. David wept and mourned deeply for his son. Eventually David returned to Jerusalem after all the tribes of Israel joined together to reinstate him as king. This chapter provides a narrative about the men who turned their devotion to Absalom. They are men who stayed in Jerusalem and did not depart with David. By staying, they had sided with Absalom in the coup. Most kings in that era would have the rebels killed for their disloyalty. Read more

The Tragic End of Absalom

2 Samuel 18

David's son Absalom turned the hearts of the people away from David. David fled Jerusalem with a remnant of faithful followers and Absalom moved in to take the throne. Absalom determined to go after David and kill him along with David's faithful mighty men. On the other side, David prepared and strategized with his leaders. They had a sound plan. His leaders insisted that he stay behind and leave the leadership of the battle to his generals. David reluctantly submitted, but he gave one final directive, "Deal gently for my sake with the young man Absalom."  In spite of the evil performed by his son, David could not bear the thought of losing him.Read more