Musings about forgiveness

This is Leigh with Jack Nicklaus at an Insperity event when the Legends of Golf play annually in The Woodlands, TX

Philemon, conclusion

Is there any more God-like thing we can do than forgive? I mean if we think about the amazing attributes of God, we often go to omniscient (all-knowing), omnipotent (all-powerful) omnipresent, Sovereign, unchanging and all around perfect in every way. Those are all wonders to us. Read more

The nature of God to forgive

Fishing in the Texas Hill Country near Boerne, TX

The nature of God to forgive

Philemon, Part 4

The man, Onesimus, who stole from and betrayed Philemon is sitting in front of him. What should he do? Perhaps Philemon's mind went back to a parable that Jesus taught. We know it as the parable of the Prodigal son. Read more

Fancy meeting you here

This pic is from our ministry trip to Malawi in 2016. I'm with our International Missions Pastor, Tim Martin (middle) and Jacob Chung

Fancy meeting you here

Philemon, part 3

Here's the story; while Paul was in the city of Colossae, preaching and establishing a church, Philemon, his wife Apphia and son Archippus became Christians. It appears they were of the kind that went all in.Read more

Let’s find the good!

This great pic is off grandsons Nate and Ryker hiking in Great Falls, VA

Let’s find the good!

Philemon, part 2

This is an intense but brief personal letter from Paul while in prison in Rome, to a dear friend, Philemon, who Paul led to Christ while establishing the church in Colossae. Read more


This is my dear friend, Pastor Charles Tsukuluzu when he stayed in our home in The Woodlands, TX last year. He lives in Lilongwe, Malawi and he is the Pastor of Pastors in Malawi. I am wearing a shirt he brought me from Malawi and he's wearing a T-shirt our church provided him when he attended our International Mission conference.


Open your Bible and without looking at the table of contents, find the book of Philemon. I must admit, it took me a few minutes. Who chooses Philemon for their devotions? I don't think I've ever heard a sermon on Philemon, have you??? Read more

It's Friday, but Sunday is coming!

This pic was taken from my iPhone in 2016 when Leigh and I were hiking near Highlands, N.C. We love the Carolinas!

It's Friday, but Sunday's coming!

I Samuel 30, 31

This book ends in sad form. The constant enemies of Saul and Israel rise again against Saul, his sons and Israel's armies. Saul's sons, including Jonathan are slain in battle. Saul is severely wounded by the arrows of the archers. As the Philistines close in, Saul falls on his sword so as not be taken alive by the Philistines.  Just as the Philistine giant, Goliath, was slain and head cut off, now Israel's tallest man, Saul, was slain, head cut off and paraded around the Philistine cities to celebrate. The people of Israel fled in fear.Read more

Looking for love in all the wrong places

These precious girls are in the African Children's choir from Uganda. They travel the world with Watoto's ministry as ambassadors for Africa's orphans. We attended their concert and also enjoyed having these three stay in our home. From their smiles, you would never know the pain of their stories before Wotato rescued them. They blessed us immensely. Read more

I Got Nothing

It was an honor to recently have interviewed Jim Nance, legendary sportscaster.  Check out this pic. The company I work for, Insperity, hosted a group of our clients and partners at the PGA championship this last August. Jim Nance is a spokesperson for Insperity and he agreed to appear at our gathering and I interviewed him. He shared fascinating stories from his career and personal life. It was a real treat. Additionally, he was one of the nicest most gracious people I have ever met.Read more

Forgetfulness or Disobedience?

Harvey devastated Houston. This pic is of my daughter Brooke, and her dear friend Kristi, heading out to do relief work.

Forgetfulness or Disobedience?

I Samuel 27 & 28

In chapter 27, God once again allows David the opportunity to kill Saul (as Saul continues to seek David’s life) but David refuses to do so. This time, Saul is asleep in camp surrounded by his men in a seemingly impregnable position.Read more