Larry Shaffer is an author, speaker, and business executive from Texas. Larry is grateful for his wife, daughters, and grandchildren, who are God’s blessings in his life. He has a diverse background in business,  ministry, and entrepreneurship, which gives him unique leadership insights and perspectives. Larry understands being a Christian in the workplace, an attitude of service, and modeling Christ through work well done.

Larry was saved at a young age when his mother shared the gospel. As he grew up, his passion for knowing God grew as well. After years of studying God’s Word, Larry enrolled in Pacific Christian College and worked in youth ministry. Ultimately Larry transitioned to the business world, where he continues to serve God by teaching and mentoring those around him.


During his business career, Larry’s time with God became random. Finding time to be in God’s Word daily became a serious challenge. When Larry was challenged by his pastor to spend time with God daily, he accepted. Now, after many years of spending time with God daily, Larry’s passion is to help fellow Christians start their journey. If you are looking to engage with God daily, Larry will help you get there. He is passionate about inspiring men and women across the planet to journey with God by living scripture daily.

Hear Larry Share His Story – From Bankruptcy to the Boardroom

In addition to Larry being an author, speaker, and business executive, Larry and his wife, Leigh Shaffer, have dedicated much of their lives to help make the world a better place via the several different forms of outreach that they do to help children and families around the globe.

This is a great story of finding one’s way, as Larry takes us back to his more difficult days as a young husband and father, and we explore his life prior to his success and leadership role of today where he serves as Senior VP of Marketing and Business Development at one of the higher ranking and impactful companies in America.

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