What I’ve Learned From Amazing Women of the Bible

What I’ve Learned From Amazing Women of the Bible explores the lives of biblical women and challenges you to apply their lessons today.

What I’ve Learned from Amazing Women in the Bible encourages you to read the Word consistently and directs your gaze toward the work of God in your personal life. This book will enlighten you on the lessons of Esther, Hannah, Abigail, Ruth, Mary and Martha and others, in a way that inspires daily devotional time, discussion with friends and family and renewal in your walk with God.

Wealth, Prosperity and Giving

Money is something we handle every day. But how deeply does the Bible inform what we do with it? If we truly want to honor the Lord in how we use it, how should we be using our wealth?

Wealth, Prosperity and Giving: A Christian Perspective on Achieving Wealth Without Losing Your Soul discover what the Bible says about wealth, prosperity, and how we are called to use the prosperity that God has blessed us with. Jesus knew that how we think about money shapes our character. Our approach can make us more like Him, full of contentment, purpose, and freedom, or it can cause a tragic separation from God and the joy he offers.