What I’ve Learned From Amazing Women of the Bible

What I’ve Learned From Amazing Women of the Bible explores the lives of biblical women and challenges you to apply their lessons today. This book can be used as a daily devotion and Bible study by men and women. There’s a lot that all of us, male and female, can learn from these amazing stories in the Bible.

What I’ve Learned from Amazing Women in the Bible encourages you to read the Word consistently and directs your gaze toward the work of God in your personal life. This book will enlighten you on the lessons of Esther, Hannah, Abigail, Ruth, Mary and Martha and others, in a way that inspires daily devotional time, discussion with friends and family and renewal in your walk with God.

I Have known Larry Shaffer since 1981. I was a troubled young man without any sound Knowledge of God or the Bible. Larry began to mentor me to become a man who is simply devoted to Christ and to obey His Holy Scriptures. Because of Larry’s teaching, I have been in ministry for the past 35 years.

I believe this book,What I’ve Learned From Amazing Women of the Bible, will be a great tool for God to use in His church. My church has several large and small bible studies. I look forward to putting this book to great use.

- Frank Vargo, Pastor

As a modern career woman, I find it easy to become consumed with thoughts of work, food preparation, anxiety, child rearing, and household tasks. Reading this book reminded me that many women have struggled with similar challenges, and hearing their stories helps put my situation into perspective. In What I’ve Learned From Amazing Women of the Bible, I was reminded of the power of silent actions. At the end of some days, all I can do is pray. As Larry summed it up, yes, it seems prayer is inaction, but it’s actually a critical part of God’s plan of action for us.

- Cindi Stevenson

It has been a joy to read powerful daily devotions written by Larry Shaffer. He combines the highest commitment to scripture with a unique ability to apply Biblical truth, creating insightful Christ-dependent change in the reader. Therefore, I am thrilled about Larry’s new book,What I’ve Learned From Amazing Women of the Bible. Utilizing the same gifting, Larry brings the selective narratives about amazing women in the Bible alive. This book provides the reader or small group with unique insight as well as great Biblical applications and discussion questions.

- Matt Brinkley