Devotional Thoughts

Devotional Thoughts on my Spiritual Life – I’ve been thinking a lot lately about walking in the Spirit. I tend to think more rationally than spiritually. The Christian life, I believe, is a balance of both. I lean more, perhaps much more, toward my affinity of the rational. Rational is important. God is rational and His Word is rational. There is order to His Word. It systematically fits together like a finely tuned, well running machine. It supernaturally synthesizes into a unity of rational ideas, principles and doctrines. But God is also spiritual, as are we who have embraced him by faith. Walking in the Spirit is about being ‘in the moment’ with God. Seeking His guidance, His Word and His promptings moment by moment. It’s living relationally with our God in real-time, day-by–day with God. The rational study of God’s Word comes easily to me. Walking in the Spirit, listening and following God’s prompting doesn’t come as easily. This is an area of my life that I need to be aware of and apply myself more fully. It’s not like my devotional time in the morning when I set aside a certain time to do it. It’s moment by moment. I don’t have to change my schedule. I just need to be prayerful while I’m doing whatever I’m doing all day. Doesn’t sound too hard, does it? It doesn’t but it is to me. Lord, help me to adjust my mind to be more aware of You throughout the day; to live in the moment with You. To turn to you constantly with all thoughts, whether grand thoughts or fleeting thoughts, whether trials or mundane tasks, whether alone or with others. May I learn to be in You and allow You to express Your life in me. May I pray more; listen more; obey more; look upward more. Amen!