God Is On The Move! Be Ready!

I Samuel 10

In modern evangelical terms, Saul had an “encounter with God” in this chapter. To use another current term, in this chapter “the Spirit was all over Saul”. Samuel had a private ceremony to anoint Saul as King and then sent him to be with the prophets. Samuel tells him that when he meets with the prophets, “then the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you mightily, and you shall prophecy with them and be changed into another man'” V6. God is on the move!!! V10 says when the group of prophets met him, “the Spirit of God came upon him mightily.” Many that knew him previously said “what has happened to this son of Kish?” V11. It’s like we are in the book of Acts again. Maybe there are some real similarities.

Do I seek it or do I receive it?

When God is ready to make significant changes in history (over a nation, over a church, over a family or over an individual) and extend further His eternal plans of redemption, He often uses the Spirit to do extraordinary work. This is one of those times. Does God do this in our lives? What is interesting here is that Saul wasn’t seeking this? He didn’t ask for it and he didn’t, by any means, expect it. That is very clear from reading this chapter. Consider the other Saul of Acts. He didn’t ask for it, he didn’t seek it, by any no means, did he expect it. So, there’s not a formula here to seek an “encounter” with the Spirit. In our obedience, God promises blessings that compound in our lives so that we manifest the “fruit of the Spirit” and all the blessings therein. THAT IS a formula that is weaved throughout His Word….A principle of sowing obedience and faithfulness and reaping the blessings of the Spirit. However, there is not a repeatable formula for eliciting quick and rapid intervention of the Power of the Spirit. It can happen. It does happen. But I don’t see a direct formula in the Bible. Today, many seek an “experience” with God. Be careful. I don’t believe that is healthy, from a biblical point of view.


Why am I making this point?

Saul receives an extraordinary measure of God’s Spirit at the onset of his calling to serve as king. But he doesn’t practice the day-by-day obedience of seeking God through His Word, meditation, reflection and prayer. Ultimately, he fails. The apostle Paul, on the other hand, followed through with the day-to-day disciplines of following God. Throughout scripture, the Spirit sometime emerges to do extraordinary things at unique times in God’s unfolding historical narrative. He does it now and He will continue. But He does it in His time and for His purposes. I am responsible to be prepared for “the big event of the Spirit” by the daily practices of loving, serving and seeking God. Lord, I thank you that you have given me an extraordinary measure of Your Spirit at the moment I was saved. You saved me thoroughly, utterly and forever. I encountered You in a monumental way when I was born again. Now, renew my heart this morning and day by day to now be faithful to sow seeds of your truth in my heart and reap the blessings of the fruit of your Spirit.