The Good Ol’ Days

I couldn’t get this little girl to smile.  She was adorable but a little pouty.  This is in a remote village in Malawi, Africa as we prepared for an open-air gospel service. About 2000 people showed up….and so did God. If you are from Woodsedge Church, that is Tim Martin in the background.

I Samuel 12

You asked for it, you got it

The people got their wish. God appointed Saul as king. Saul led Israel in a victory battle and the people accepted him as king. All is well that ends well? Well, not exactly. Samuel addresses Israel here in chapter 12. He doesn’t hold anything back. Like old men often do, he gives a history lesson on the good ol’ days. Samuel recounts the days of Moses and God’s mighty acts. Israel was saved. Then when the people forgot about God, rebelled and suffered, God sent other men to save them. Then Samuel said, even though I advised against, “you said to me, no, but a king shall reign over us although the Lord your God was your King,” v12. You have God as your King but you want an earthly king. You are a unique, the one and only Theocracy on earth and you’re not happy.  You want to be a monocracy like everyone else. You have God, but you want more. You have God, but you feel like you’re missing something. You have God, but you feel deprived. You have God, but you look around and feel that you are missing out on what the world has to offer. You have the eternal One and you want the temporal one. You have heaven’s riches but you want more of what the world offers. How shallow and foolish we are?

Jesus is all I need! Really? Do I mean it?

There’s more to this chapter whereby God promises to bless them despite their selfish request —- but for now, Lord, this is a convicting message to me. What does it mean for me to say, ‘Jesus is all I need! and then truly live that way?’ Lord, may I live in You and walk in You and dwell in You. May I be a faithful steward of what you’ve given me and be satisfied in You. May I seek You and Your will always and only. Amen