A Story of Transformation

Joel 2:32

And it will come about that whoever calls upon the name of The Lord will be saved…

Six Years Old

I have always considered my testimony of being saved as rather boring. However, the older I get, the more amazing and exhilarating my story has become to me.

Every time I encounter a six year old boy, I become more amazed at the way God saved me. Six year old boys are goofy little children. They seem incapable of processing any mental thoughts of spirituality at all. Can God save a six year old boy? Would He ever send His Spirit to cover, seal and secure for eternity a six year old boy? Would the angels in heaven rejoice over the salvation of a six year old boy?


From Clueless to Enlightened

My parents did not grow up going to church and had little to no spiritual influence in their lives. When I was a toddler, one night a Christian Pastor knocked on our door. For reasons none of us can explain, my parents invited this stranger into their home. It would never happen today, but it did back in 1962. As a 3 year old, I was completely unaware of the situation. However, I consider this event to be one of the most significant watershed events in my life.

This stranger shared the simple and concise story of the life and work of Jesus. He did it in a way that captured the minds and hearts of my agnostic parents. Knowing what I now know, he shared the simple gospel and the Spirit of God made it clear to my parents. Even though they had no previous knowledge of the Bible, it just clicked for them both. How do I know it was a true transformation for them? Because they have lived a life of simple devotion to Christ for their entire lives and also passed it on to me; for which I am forever grateful.

We started going to church several times a week. My parents went all in. Their lives were forever changed.


You’re Too Young!

When I was six years old, my mom shared with me the same simple and concise message of Jesus. Even though I was very young, it clicked for me too. I remember the day vividly; the exact location: our backyard in Kirkland, WA, while I was sitting on the swingset. I recall the time of day, the weather outside: a beautiful spring afternoon, blue skies scattered with white clouds, no sign of rain (a very nice day for Seattle). I clearly remember the amazing feeling of joy and peace….even though I was only six years old, I literally felt the joy and freedom of grace and forgiveness.


Let’s Do it Again!

The next day, I clearly recall going to mom and asking if I could be saved again so that I could feel the good feeling again? My mom smiled and explained that I only needed to do it once.

Honey, God saved you once and for all. Now you will grow in Him for the rest of your life.

I didn’t understand. I wanted the good feeling again. But playing with toys seemed to be a good idea too; so off I went.

As I grew up and into adulthood, I have been tempted to wander into sin and failed in many and various ways. However, my early start down the path with God has always pulled me back and protected me from myself over and over again. His presence in my life has always been clear and evident. Clearly not because I’m good (my failures are many) but because He’s forgiven me and kept me.


What did mom say to me that day?

The simple gospel message that “clicked” for me many years ago was:

  1. We have all sinned. Some people have sinned big, some small; but all of us have fallen short of God’s perfect glory. We all have a broken relationship with Him and have a sense of guilt upon us. Romans 3.10 says there is none righteous, no not one. Romans 3.23, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Even a six year old can understand the reality of doing wrong.
  2. The result of our sins, big or small, is eternal death and separation from God. Separation from God in eternity is what the Bible refers to as hell. The result of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord, Ephesians 2.8,9.
  3. God has provided a solution. He sent Jesus to die in our place and to pay the penalty for our sins. Romans 4.8, But God demonstrates His own love for us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Because He is the Son of God, his death counts as a full substitute for the death we deserve. Our debt has been paid. Romans chapters 1-6 explain it in great detail.
  4. Receive God’s gift. We must by faith believe this to be true (not just intellectually but heartfelt & sincere) and call upon (or pray) God to save us. There’s not an exact formula. Call upon Him right now. Speak what is on your heart. John 1.12 but as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God. Just as it says in the Old Testament, Joel 2.32, and it will come about that whoever calls upon the name of The Lord will be saved…


That’s my testimony. I was only six years old. Today, I am 60. The story is pretty boring, right? I was never a prodigal who returned home; I was never a drug addict who was miraculously healed; I was never part of a motorcycle gang and any other type of gang.

I was saved when I was only six years old and God has been kind to keep me protected throughout all these years.

Boring? Yes, miraculously boring.

Why did God choose to save me when I was young? I don’t know but I am grateful, overjoyed and thrilled that He was so kind to save me and protect me all of these years.


What about you?

Any and every age is a wonderful time to be saved by God. Tell someone your story today.


Father, You are the God who saves. Your heart is to save, to forgive, to cleanse and make new. You beautify the afflicted with salvation and You make all things beautiful in Your time. If anyone reading this right now has never been saved, take hold of them and reveal Yourself to them in power and wonder; no matter their age, cause the angels to rejoice over one who is saved right now. Amen!