Hezekiah: A devoted man of God called to exceptional achievement and advancement of Judah!

What are the chances a son raised by an evil father would turn out to be a godly man?

Boys want to be like their fathers. The strength, morality, and character of fathers is the strongest indicator of the on-going stability of a society. Why? Because boys want to be like their fathers. 

Usually, a corrupt father will produce corrupt sons. But in rare cases, a son may witness the pain and suffering caused by his corrupt father and secretly declare to himself, ‘I am not going to be like my father.’ In these cases, the son may look away from his father as an example and take on the character of another role model. In some cases, it may be his mother.  

I distinctly recall as a child, early every morning, in the same house, throughout my entire childhood and adolescence, walking across the hall from my bedroom to the bathroom. Each morning, through sleepy eyes, I would peer down the hallway to the living room and see my mom, sitting in the same chair, Bible in her lap, and cup of steaming coffee in her hand.  

Is it any coincidence that every morning now as an adult, I sit in my same chair, Bible before me on my desk and steaming coffee on a coaster, spending time with God, just as my mom modeled for me as a child? 

Moms have the unique opportunity to bond and form a level of intimacy with their sons that dads don’t usually have. Therefore, they have the unique privilege to influence the godly development of their sons and by extension, a godly generation.   


Tale of Two Kings 

Who would have guessed that one of the greatest leaders in the history of God’s chosen people was the son of an evil and corrupt Father? 

My recent study of 2 Chronicles 29-32, reveals a tale of two kings; two very different kings even though one is the father and the other the son. One led Judah through the best of times and the other, through the worst of times: one led through a season of revival and the other, a season of decline; one succumbed to the threat of foreign enemies and the other triumphed.  

Hezekiah was the son of King Ahaz. King Ahaz was a bad king. He was a weak leader with evil and selfish intent. He allowed the worship of false gods to flourish. He sanctioned alters and high places erected throughout the land, while ignoring worship to the true God in the holy city of Jerusalem. 

In every city of Judah, he (Ahaz) made high places to burn incense to others gods, and provoked the Lord, the God of his fathers, to anger. 28:25 

In contrast, here’s how the son of Ahaz as introduced in 29:1: 

Hezekiah became king when he was twenty-five years old; and he reigned twenty-nine year in Jerusalem. And his mother’s name was Abijah, the daughter of Zechariah. He did right in the sight of the Lord …  

Interesting that the text highlights his mother, not his father. It’s also interesting that his mother’s father, and therefore, Hezekiah’s grandfather was the faithful prophet of God, Zechariah. What I believe is inferred here is that Hezekiah’s godly influence and training came from his mother. Hezekiah was a momma’s boy — and he was greatly blessed to be one to Abijah, daughter of Zechariah. 

At age twenty-five, Hezekiah was appointed king and because of his training and development, he took immediate and far-reaching action to transform a declining country. At the young age of twenty-five, he was prepared to be king. God used the queen, Hezekiah’s mother, to influence him, train him, and develop him into a leader; a godly leader. She influenced Hezekiah and therefore, influenced the amazing events that took place after Hezekiah became king.  


What a mom she must have been! And what a leader Hezekiah turned out to be!  

Today, our country needs men of God more than ever! We certainly need men of God in the pulpits proclaiming and living out the truth of God. But we also need men of God, men of godly courage and fortitude in the marketplace as well. Do not miss the future posts on Hezekiah as you consider your calling to rise up and be counted as a man of God in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation. More on Hezekiah next time.  


Father, you called Hezekiah to rise up and be counted at a time when godly leadership was badly needed. You called him for such a time and you have called us at this time as well. As lights, help us shine in the darkness of corruption and immorality that we see all around us. As salt, may our godly character, actions and words, preserve a remnant of righteousness and morality and gospel truth. There is much is against us but greater is He who is within us than is in this world … through the grace and power of the Spirit of God. Amen!