This adorable little girl is named Precious. Her mom brought her along to listen as we taught and trained Christian Leaders in Lilongwe, Malawi in August 2013. She sat still for hours during the sessions but would sometimes shout out “Amen”. Usually at very appropriate times.

Ruth – Devout, Determined and Dedicated!

I suppose because of my mild ADD I found myself wandering from I Samuel this morning and reading the book of Ruth this morning. After reading the introductory notes in my Bible and the first chapter, a few observations come to mind. The Bible is filled with the stories of male leaders. God doesn’t hide their failings of stubbornness, arrogance, lust, pride and other sins. In spite of their many flaws, we usually see men in leadership positions. But reading about Hannah earlier in I Samuel and today reading about Ruth, my mind was reminded of the monumental and significant roles that women play in God’s plan.

Planning for our success

Another theme that runs through the story of Ruth and Hannah is how God uses seemingly unimportant, common people at seemingly unimportant times who reveal unheralded devoutness & devotion.  From their humble state, they ascend to play extraordinary roles in the redemptive plan of God. For those of us (usually men) that go through times of planning for our own success; exalting and elevating ourselves; dreaming of our own greatness (I’ve gone through these periods of time) these stories remind us to be patient, be kind, live humbly, love simply and serve those around you – and let God exalt us when He wants. Perhaps He places you before Kings or perhaps places you in front of a homeless person. In either case, may we be humble and devout and faithful to share the grace and love of Christ giving no thought of our position. That’s what I learned from Ruth.