The Stalker, Part 4

Luke 4

And the devil said to Him… And Jesus answered him (the devil), ‘It is written…’ Luke 4.3,4 

And the devil said to Him… Jesus answered him, ‘It is written…’ Luke 4.6,8 

And he led Him to Jerusalem…and said to Him… And Jesus answered and said to him, ‘It is said…’ Luke 4.9,12 

In a previous post, I said: 

The devil seeks to capitalize on our vulnerabilities as fleshly human beings. He adds temptations on top of our natural vulnerabilities to sin. He kicks us when we’re down. He seeks out the vulnerabilities of people, just like any predator would do. The devil sucks! 


Humble Confidence 

In competitive sports, I love it when I feel like we have the upper hand on the opponent; when we know their weaknesses and feel confident, we can exploit their weaknesses. It’s also a thrill when we feel confident in our ability to execute and gain victory.  The confidence feels good but beware; arrogant confidence can lead to a humbling downfall. 

This study of the temptation of Jesus has renewed my (humble) confidence in my battle with my flesh and with the devil. …for we are not ignorant of the schemes of the devil. 2 Corinthians 2.11b.  


Are you feeling more prepared yet? 

What have we learned so far? What are the schemes of the devil? 

  • The devil targets our weaknesses in the areas of the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life. 
  • He tends to focus on our most vulnerable areas of temptation 
  • He prompts us and speaks to us (not literary) with added enticements to give in to the fleshly, prideful temptation. The battle begins in the mind! 
  • He sometimes (mis)quotes scripture, as He did with Jesus, (Luke 4.10,11) to lead us astray from the truth. 

This all may sound a little ominous…maybe a little scary. But don’t worry. Have humble confidence. Why? 


Do not fear, for I am with you; do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. 

I will strengthen you, surely, I will help you. Surely, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10 


No Fear! 

We have the power and Sovereign protection of God. When we are in Christ, we cannot and will not lose the war. Additionally, in the day-to-day battles, we have the Word of God as our weapon to counter the temptations and give us victory. This is the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, Ephesians 6.17. 


Victory in the Cage Match 

Here in Luke 4.1-13, Jesus revealed exactly how to effectively use the sword of the Spirit.  

When Jesus faced a specific temptation, he didn’t quote a mantra, or say ‘be gone devil’, or self-talk his way out of it. He said, It is written.  

Jesus didn’t quote random Bible verses. He quoted specific verses that countered the specific temptation He was facing. This is an example for us all to follow. 


Game Plan 

What’s our game plan? What’s our game plan that we will follow with humble confidence in order to live in victory?

  • Know your specific weaknesses. Write them down. Be honest with yourself. Be specific. 
  • Find and memorize Bible verses that specifically counter the temptation. 
  • Enlist an accountability partner(s) and share your plan with them and ask for their prayers and encouragement. 
  • When tempted, cling to God’s Word and his promises. Discuss with your accountability partner, if possible. 
  • If you succeed, stay humble and thank God. If you stumble, acknowledge it to God and embrace His forgiveness. Then, get back up, humbly approach each day, surrendering yourself to God. 


Father, In Jesus’s baptism, we have an example of new life under Your blessings; when we are in Jesus, You are well pleased with us as well. What a joy to soak in Your forgiveness, Your blessings and Your grace. In Jesus’s temptation, we also see that we are in a battle. But we are not alone. Your presence and Your Word gives us a humble confidence that we might honor You in victory. When we momentarily stumble in our battle, we are grateful that we never lose Your forgiveness. Even when we stumble, You hold us and whisper words of love and grace into the ears of hearts. You remind us that in our weaknesses, You are able to show forth Your power. You assure us of Your love and re-energize us to go forth into battle as Your servants. All for Your glory. Amen!