Final Reflections

Nate with Auntie Brooke - Esther begins tomorrow. She will rock your world!

Reflections on Revelation

Several weeks ago as we were reciting the Lord’s Prayer in church, I realized more than ever (after reading and praying through Revelation) that the Lord’s Prayer is thoroughly Millennial in its meaning. First, it makes sense that the Lord’s Prayer is in its fullest form in Matthew (Matthew 6:9-13).Read more

The Final Events

Sunset in Hawaii - Esther is coming on Friday!

Revelation 21, 22

These are the final chapters of Revelation. The Millennium has come to an end with the final great white throne judgement. Satan, once and for all, is cast into the lake of fire along with all those whose name is not written in the book. The lake of fire is the final state of eternity for those who have rejected Christ. It is an ominous reality.Read more

1000 Years

Do you know what book in the Bible never mentions God? Coming on Friday is the book of Esther! Don't miss it!

Revelation 20

This is the “reign for a 1000 years” chapter. The tribulation ends in chapter 19 with the coming of Jesus, the mighty warrior. He throws the beast and his side-kick, the false prophet, into the lake of fire, (the place of eternal punishment), along with all people on earth that follow the beast. Now that His enemies are gone, He sets up His earthly kingdom, the Millennium, His 1000 year reign on earth. Read more

He Has Arrived!

The mighty Potomac River! God's mighty power on display!

Revelation 19

Hallelujah!!! We are through the grinding details of the tribulation in chapters 6-18! Jesus is not just coming but He has arrived!!! I use the word Hallelujah because it is used 4 times in verses 1-6. Hallelujah is a word used often in the OT but only 4 times in NT and only here in Revelation 19. Hallelujah!Read more

The City

This is my daughters, Beri and Brooke, from 1991!

Revelation 18

We are almost through the tribulation. Yeah!!! As a reminder to myself, the purpose of my daily devotions is to allow scripture to influence how I think and act today. The temptation in Revelation is to focus on interpretation rather than devotional application. However, sound interpretation, to some degree, must precede sound devotional application.Read more


I mentioned our dear friends John and Tracey in yesterday's picture. Here I am with their kids, Jake and Ally. We've known them since they were born. Now Ally is my height, and well, as you can see, Jake is just a little taller than me.

False religion

Revelation 17

This chapter gives insight into what is happening on earth during the judgements of God. Most likely this chapter isn't chronological but takes us back to the first half of the tribulation. It provides context. The characters are the Scarlet woman and the beast or antichrist that we met chapters 12, 13.Read more

They’re Back

This pic is from a 2017 trip to Kauai with our dear friends John and Tracey Bennett!

Revelation 16

The wrath and the plagues are back. We had a break from them for a few chapters as we viewed the Tribulation from a few different scenes. But now the tribulation, from a chronological standpoint, is close to the end. Verse 1 says "Then I heard a loud voice from the temple, saying to the seven angels, “Go and pour out on the earth the seven bowls of the wrath of God.” Read more

Prayers of the Martyrs

Here's one more Christmas morning pic!

Revelation 15

This is a short summary chapter of a scene in heaven which foreshadows events to come. It’s a prelude to the coming seven bowls of judgement. The final acts of wrath during the tribulation. There are seven angels that hold the final seven plagues of the tribulation. There is also a sea of faithful followers of God who suffered and were martyred by the evil world system lead by the beast. The martyrs sing to God:Read more

Let's Move On!

This is our dear, dear friends, Matt and Carrie Petersen. Two of the nicest people you could ever meet. Not pictured is their sweet daughter Ellie. Matt is a colleague of mine from work. The first time they invited us to dinner we had a wonderful dinner and amazing conversation. As I made myself at home and peeked my head into one of their rooms, I discovered a purple room with classic rock posters, multiple electric guitars, a full drum set, microphones and sound system. I inquired and found out that they play rock music together in the evenings as a way to unwind and bond with each other. Leigh and I thought everyone watched Netflix to unwind and bond with each other. They are both introverts and were very hesitant but we begged and begged and begged. Finally they agreed to play us a song. Well, they rocked our world. Matt played a mean electric guitar while breaking into multiple rifts and Carrie played drums and sang like rock star. It was the most amazing surprise. I told them immediately of my plans to book them all over the city.....but once again, they are introverts and this is their special time together. They kindly denied my offer to be their manager.

Revelation 14

Let’s move on!

Ok, we got through chapters 12 & 13. Read more