De ja vu All Over Again

This is the K Club in the beautiful Irish countryside about 20 miles from Dublin. I stayed there in 2012!

De ja vu All Over Again

I Samuel 26

This chapter is a de ja vu of chapter 24.  Saul once again pursues David in the wilderness even after acknowledging in chapter 24 that he was foolish and wicked to kill David, God's future anointed king of Israel. Once again, God delivers Saul to David and David could have easily taken Saul's life. But he didn't. He says, “if God wants to take Saul's life, then He will.”  But David is not going to do it apart from God directing him to do so.Read more

Abigail To the Rescue! Part 2

The women of Malawi, Africa are dancing and praising the Lord! Picture taken on my iPhone August 2016.

Abigail To the Rescue! Part 2

I Samuel 25, continued

Here’s the scene - a rich sheep herder named Nabel disrespected David and David and his men are on their way to wipeout this man, his family and all his servants. Filled with anger and vengeance, David is heading straight into some good ole’ fashion sinful disobedience. Read more

Abigail to the Rescue, Part 1

Leigh loves being with her grandsons. Here they are skipping home from school.

Abigail to the Rescue, Part 1

I Samuel 25

This is truly an amazing chapter. We meet an evil bonehead of a man; a most beautiful and intelligent woman; and David digresses from his noble actions in the last chapter when he spared Saul's life. Once again, women rule, men drool.Read more

Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

Pic of my daughters in 1990. Adorable smiles!

Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

I Samuel 24

When Saul returned from a battle with the Philistines, he was told where David was hiding in the mountainous region of Engedi. Saul took 3000 men to find him. On the way, Saul went into a cave by himself to relieve himself, v3. David and his men were hiding in the cave.  Read more

Happy or Sad?

What is unique about this picture is that it is a Christian gathering of Malawi Chiefs and their assistants and associates. Historically, Chiefs have not been open to Christianity. Instead they were steeped in witchcraft and oppression. This gathering of 2000 people in 2016 represents a spiritual turnaround of the leadership in Malawi.

Are you happy or sad? Make up your mind!

I Samuel 23:15-29; Psalms 3&4

Yesterday we saw David obey God's voice and rescue the city of Keilah from the Philistines. His men warned against it,Read more

Who Do I listen to?

I Samuel 23

Who do I listen to?

David is in hiding. He has about 600 men who serve him as his soldiers and comrades. David is told that the Jewish city of Keila is under attack. No Jewish city is safe from the relentless Philistines. Read more

David Is On The Run!

Yes, a self-indulgent pic. Hole in one, May 2012, Marsh Landing Country Club, Ponte Vedra, FL

I Samuel 22

David is on the run!

We understand that there are parallel reasons why God is taking David through these trying times.  God is preparing, pruning and shaping David's heart to make him a humble, God-fearing ruler of His people. Read more

God's Special Ops Training: Humility

This pic is from my first trip to Malawi, Africa in 2011 training Pastors and Christian leaders. That's me with the red tie. This was the first of what has become an annual PTRO conference in Lilongwe, Malawi coordinated by Pastor Charles Tsukuluza, the Pastor of Pastors in Malawi. Charles is above me wearing the glasses. PTRO stands for Paul, Timothy, reliable men and others, 2 Timothy 2.2.

I Samuel 21

God’s Special Ops Training in Humility

David is on the run. Read more

The Consequences of Evil and Jealous Intent

I Samuel 20

Jonathan had the peacemaking skills and close relationship with Saul to settle his father down so that he would relent of his evil and jealous intent toward David. However, Saul has been elusive with Jonathan about his true intent to kill David.Read more