I’m Amazed

My years in youth ministry (1981-1992) were wonderful times! This picture is from the early '90s on a mission trip with my First Pres group. Betsy, Marlene, Katherine, Eleanor and Tiffany were five of the faithful of the group. Great memories!

I Samuel 19

These Old Testament narratives continue to amaze me. Why God does what He does in the way He does it and the timing He does it, is a wonder. It just doesn't always make sense to me. Read more

A Tale of Two Men

Frank Vargo was 18 years old and a brand new Christian when I met him in 1981. I was a brand new Youth Minister at the time. He just recently had his 25 year anniversary as the beloved pastor of Freedom Bible Church, Port Charlotte, FL. He is a much loved husband, father and grandfather who faithfully preaches God's Word every week, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. Finish well my dear friend!

I Samuel 18

This chapter highlights the contrast between two men; Saul and David. Read more


This adorable little girl is named Precious. Her mom brought her along to listen as we taught and trained Christian Leaders in Lilongwe, Malawi in August 2013. She sat still for hours during the sessions but would sometimes shout out "Amen". Usually at very appropriate times.

Ruth - Devout, Determined and Dedicated!

I suppose because of my mild ADD I found myself wandering from I Samuel this morning and reading the book of Ruth this morning. After reading the introductory notes in my Bible and the first chapter, a few observations come to mind. The Bible is filled with the stories of male leaders. God doesn't hide their failings of stubbornness, arrogance, lust, pride and other sins. Read more

The Correlation of David and Jesus

Grandson Ryker enjoying the Guadalupe River in the Texas Hill Country, Cordillera Ranch, Boerne, TX.

I Samuel 17, Part 2

Have you ever considered the correlation between this story of David and Goliath and the story of Jesus being tempted by Satan in the wilderness recorded in Matthew 4:1-11? I'm not sure Read more

What’s the Vegas odds on this?

I Samuel 17

David and Goliath. One of the favorite stories in the Bible.  I always ask myself the following question when reading and studying the Bible: 'what is God's main point of the passage?' Usually from the main point of any passage there are multiple lessons and applications. But part of uncovering Read more

Things Are Not Always As They Seem

This backpack was worn by a one of the men who organized the open-air Gospel Meeting in August 2016 in a village outside of Lilongwe, Malawi. Over 2000 attended. I spoke to one man who walked over 15 miles to attend. Many of the pictures of the children I have posted are from this amazing event.

I Samuel 16

Samuel was grieving over the sad state of Israel. Read more

That’s It! I’ve Had It!

This is a pic of my grandson Nate expressing how we all feel when we behold the glory of God's handiwork!

I Samuel 15

This is the "straw that broke the camel's back" chapter for Saul. Saul's disobedience is just too much this time. This time it's not just stupid disobedience as we've seen so far but true arrogance, pride and lust for wealth & power. Read more

The Son Rises Above the Father

Larry and Leigh in 1982. She has always had the bluest eyes you have every seen!

I Samuel 14:24-52

It's difficult sometimes to know exactly why God choses to provide great detail and elevate certain stories and not so for others. I always wonder if I'm accurately picking up on God's main point for a passage or not. Read more

This Is One of my Favorite Devotions. God Is Not Restrained!

I Samuel 14:1-23

He was always coming up just a little short

As previously discussed, Saul wasn't a wicked or immoral man, per se. But there always seemed he lacked something in most situations. The Lord was often displeased with his heart and consequently, many of his actions (and inaction's).  Read more