A Matter of the Heart

John Daly isn't a follower of Christ but he was extremely nice and gracious to me and everyone else during this wonderful round of golf.  Plus, he was a lot of fun. John, I'm praying for you.

Let’s Get to the Heart of the Matter

I Samuel 13

Saul was King for forty years but there's not a lot written about his reign. So, this chapter serves as a summary. Saul becomes fearful as the Philistines mount an attack and he takes things into his own hands, Read more

All's Well That Ends Well

So have you ever had one of those days when you're walking through a remote village in Africa and a local is wearing a Washington Redskins Jacket? Well, it could happen!

I Samuel 12

A good ending to a bad story!

I like the way this chapter ends. Even though the people sought a king outside of God's will and from wrong motives, Samuel led them right back to the "center of God's will." The people realized their selfish motives and asked Samuel to pray for them. Read more

Smack Dab in the Middle

These are wonderful Christian men in Malawi, Africa. We trained them how to share the good news of Jesus and they actually went out and did it. They led hundreds (maybe thousands) to the Lord all over the country.

I Samuel 12, again

Have you ever heard the phrase, "living in the middle of God's will?" To me that's the theme of this chapter. Read more

The Good Ol' Days

I couldn't get this little girl to smile.  She was adorable but a little pouty.  This is in a remote village in Malawi, Africa as we prepared for an open-air gospel service. About 2000 people showed up....and so did God. If you are from Woodsedge Church, that is Tim Martin in the background.

I Samuel 12

You asked for it, you got it

The people got their wish. God appointed Saul as king. Saul led Israel in a victory battle and the people accepted him as king. All is well that ends well? Well, not exactly. Read more

Wanted: A Warrior Leader

I Samuel 11

Needed: A warrior leader

So, Saul was chosen by God as the first king of Israel, he was mightily anointed by the Spirit of God and ordained publicly by Samuel. As God often does, He chose someone who was ill prepared to be what he was called by God to be; to be the warrior king that Israel. He was a Benjamite farmer minding his own business who lacked confidence.Read more

God Is On The Move! Be Ready!

I Samuel 10

In modern evangelical terms, Saul had an "encounter with God" in this chapter. To use another current term, in this chapter "the Spirit was all over Saul". Samuel had a private ceremony to anoint Saul as King and then sent him to be with the prophets. Samuel tells him that when he meets with the prophets, "then the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you mightily, and you shall prophecy with them and be changed into another man'" V6. God is on the move!!!Read more

You Asked For It, You Got It

I Samuel 9

Be careful what you ask for

I ended my last devotion in I Samuel 8 with a prayer that I plan to pray often. "These stories of the Israelites in I Samuel are reminding me that I should seek God and His guidance daily and even hourly ---- make that moment by moment.Read more

The Whispers of Discontent

I Samuel 8

I’ve got voices in my head!!!

This is a well-known chapter and a sad one as well. Many years have passed between chapters 7 and 8. Samuel is now very old. Samuel's sons are not following God and the people are worried about the future leadership of Israel. So, do they seek the Lord for guidance? No, they are Read more

I'm Glad You Asked!!!

I Samuel 7

As a reminder, the early chapters of I Samuel chronicle the ordaining & calling of Samuel as the next leader of Israel and the final events of a 20 year run of Israel's national sin and rebellion against God. Chapter 6 ends with the realization of their sin against God when the people say, "Who is able to stand before the Lord, this holy God?" Read more